Fill me up

Day 7 prompt: burgundy

Looking almost past me

Well-dressed attendant

Motions me up

And out

Of well-worn bench

          Barely making eye contact

          I select a cup

          From nose-pierced adolescent

          Whose orange gym shoes

          Surprise her white outfit

Scanning left and right

I find open space

To kneel and lean

Expecting my wee portion

Do others see my soles?

          Eyes closed in waiting

          I hold my mini plastic vase

          It crackles

          At the slightest squeeze


Gazing floorward

I shift cup to left

Extend the right

Receive the chewy wad

“Body given for you”

          Peeking to the left

          I see it now

          The burgundy brew

          With two eager hands

          I raise my glass

Locking eyes with steward

I inhale the message

“Blood shed for you”

Tilting head back

I gulp 

          Staring into the eaves

          One warm exhale

          Releases my thanks

          And the week’s desire

          “Fill me up, Lord”

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