Vivid Memories

Day 20 prompt: vivid

Acrid memory

Smell of slaughter as we drove past the meat packing plant

Candid memory

Sharing secrets at sleepovers when anyone chose truth over dare

Flaccid memory

The seventh grade vocabulary word that made everyone snicker

Frigid memory

Burrowing through snow banks in a snowmobile suit and moon boots

Hybrid memory

Knowing every seed corn brand by the shape of its roadside signs

Intrepid memory

Realizing no one was holding the seat as I pedaled my two-wheeler

Languid memory

Off school with mono for a week full of fever and fatigue

Morbid memory

Grade school field trip to the funeral home to see the embalming room

Pallid memory

Face drained of color from seven consecutive spins on the Silly Silo

Pyramid memory

As lightest girl on the playground, I climbed to the apex

Rapid memory

As slowest girl on the playground, I don’t have one

Timid memory

Despite Miss Rita’s prodding, I never managed a back flip without a spotter

Torrid memory

Reading sex scenes in a trashy novel found in the orthodontist’s waiting area

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