Sweetening the Days

Day 34 prompt: candy


Message-bearing candy hearts

come with Valentines.

Minty, twisty candy canes

signal Christmastime.


Most every Easter basket

contains a chocolate rabbit.

Halloween brings bags of sweets

to stoke a kid’s bad habit.


I submit we can do more

to promote our tooth decay.

Do you part and join me

in sweetening more days …


On Memorial Day eat Warheads

in tribute to soldiers past.

Pop Rocks on Fourth of July

will give your mouth a blast.


Each year on Mother’s Day

give your mama Mamba chews.

Your pop will welcome Sugar Daddy

on Father’s Day from you.


It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving

without some Good and Plenty.

Earth Day calls for Gummy Worms;

I’d say ten or twenty.


Chaw a pack of Big League Chew

for baseball’s opening day.

Every student should have Smarties

when school gets underway.


On the iciest day of winter

nibble Ice Cubes while you skate.

And on the hottest day of summer

share Hot Tamales with your mate.


And if you buy the adage:

“Every day’s a holiday.”

then why wait for tomorrow?

Go get candy right away!

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