A Meal of Sweet Nothings

Day 36 prompt: cupcakes


I think that man is sweet on me.

He calls me Sugar Pie.

My face gets hot and pinkish

As I stammer back, “Oh, hi.”


He leans a little closer,

Saying, “Buttercup, you’re cute.”

All I can do is blush and blurt,

“Why thank you, Juicy Fruit!”


He looks into my eyes,

With a grin and says, “Cupcake,

I’d like to get to know you.

I could take you out for steak.”


“Hmm, Punkin, that could work.”

(I’m leaning way past maybe.)

“But how about I cook for you?

My food’s delicious, Baby.”


“Well, Darling, I am sure it is.”

His arm around me reaches.

“I’ll bring wine – a white, a red.

How does that sound, Peaches?”


I’m pulling his face close to mine.

“Honey Bun, you’ve got a date.

I’ll see you later, Jelly Bean.

Come at seven. Don’t be late.”


My menu’s all sweet nothings:

Puddin, Muffin, Sugar Beet,

Dumpling, Tootsie, Angel Face …

And not a thing to eat!

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