My Man in Metaphor

Day 49 prompt: I love …

He’s an ice cold Diet Coke at 6 a.m.

He is cargo shorts in the dead of winter

and fishing shows on Sunday morning.

He is tattoos and heavy metal

on a perfectly tuned guitar.

He’s a fist pump and “yessss”

when the Packers score,

but a head shake and “*#@&!”

when the Blackhawks miss.

He is a challenging conversation

about business or art or parenting or faith

… or all of the above.

He is a candlelit dinner at home,

using recipes we’ve never tried before.

He’s a story that goes on too long,

with a punch line that’s worth the wait.

He is so much laughter my face hurts.

He is honest tears.

He is a stunning photograph

from an angle you didn’t expect.

He is the man of my dreams,

my husband, my partner, my friend.

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