Ode to Toys

Day 54 prompt: plastics

(try singing it to the tune of Ode to Joy!) 

Dune Buggy Baby, Operation

Fisher Price Little People nation

Simon, Inch Worm, Bristle Blocks

Most of the tools in my sandbox

Rubik’s Cube and Lego bricks

Squirt Guns and my Giggle Stick

Lemon Twist, Deluxe Viewmaster

Big Wheel so I travel faster


Doctor kit in a small black pouch

Action figures in the couch

Etch-a-Sketch and Lite Brite pegs

Easy Bake: look Mom, no eggs!

Barbie Beach Bus and Dream House

Colorforms of Mickey Mouse

Tumblin’ Monkeys, Potato Head

Baby dolls all over my bed


Ants in the Pants and Hippity Hop

Weebles wobble but don’t drop

Rockem Sockem Robots, Pez

Rubber Ducky in a fez

Hungry Hippos, Hot Wheels tracks

Whistle pulled from Cracker Jacks

All these toys are so fantastic

Hooray for the guy who thought of plastic!

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