Hello & Welcome!

Welcome to my site. I decided it was high time to have a central online home for what I’m writing, creating and sharing. Migrating everything to this location will take some time, but the schedule is mine to make. And after just a couple hours of play, I’ve already added:

  1. A short summary of what I do, professionally, along with a link to my resume in PDF format.
  2. A page that will ultimately house my poetry, which currently resides on another blogging platform.
  3. An introduction to the Sibling Discovery Project, which my sister and brother and I are pursuing together as a family of artists.

With just a bit more focus and keyboard pounding, the structure will be in place. Then it will be up to me and you: me to fill the space with new content, and you to come back again and again to find it. I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

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