365 (well, 366 actually) Days of Poetry

At the moment, my poem-a-day project lives on “Edgewise,” my tumblr site. I intend to relocate it here soon. Meanwhile, here’s what I said as I kicked off this somewhat intimidating but incredibly rewarding initiative for 2012 (which, incidentally, has 366 days … pushing me just a tiny bit more to flex those creative muscles!):

On the heels of my first successful NaNoWriMo, I’m taking on a creative 365 challenge for 2012. One poem each day. The blog is here. May as well use it to house the words.

At the same time, my-husband-the-talented-photographer is shooting a photo a day and posting his art on his blog. He dug up a list of prompts and scrambled them into random order, providing an automatic starting point for each day’s creative exercise.

At first I thought this approach was too restrictive. I don’t need a prescribed theme; I will just trust the muse and write what comes.

Baloney. The 365 challenge is structured by nature. Adding another dimension to the “rules” won’t restrict me. In fact, it will liberate me from having to think of a new idea every day. Prompt in head, I will be free to write.

I could drum up my own prompts, but Jim already did the work. So i’m stealing his list. Some of the topics are photo-specific and will be a challenge (day 22 = “natural framing”). But I’m up for it. Plus, we’ll get to share and compare our creative experience at the end of each day. Wow, I never thought of that angle. Or Holy smokes, we match!

So, off we go. Day one …

Visit  Edgewise.

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