The Prompts

As I mentioned in my first post about the Sibling Discovery Project, my brother and sister and I each contributed five “prompts” to serve as the inspiration for our monthly creative exercises. We chose the words because we want to explore them together. They all tie to our memories and feelings about our upbringing and family.

Norma contributed:

    • Cousins
    • Garden
    • Blue ribbons
    • Tractor
    • Kitchen sink

Paul added:

    • Soil
    • Grain
    • Feed
    • Sunrise
    • Home

And I came in with:

    • Overalls
    • Repair
    • Alphabet
    • Ease
    • Potluck

With the prompts all in, I wrote them on slips of paper, put them in a bag and asked my son to pull out the first one. He blindly chose “Kitchen Sink.” And so we began …

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