Favorite Body Part

Human body features

Human body features (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 82 prompt: Body Parts

A friend asked,
What’s your favorite
body part?

In general?
Hands are cool, I guess.

she shook her head.
Your own.
The part of you
you like better than the rest.

Tough question.

Not my butt.
It sticks out too far.
Not my boobs.
They don’t stick out far enough.

Legs too short. Arms too flabby.
Nose too bulbous. Toes too stubby.

Eyes sleepy. Belly puffy.
Hips wide. Shoulders narrow.
Skin white. Teeth yellow.

Elbows? Dry.
Spine? Scoliosis.
Eyelashes? Thinning.
Nailbeds? Hangnails.

Who cares, anyway?

Assuming the universal pose of indignation.
My hands grasped my sides,
and it hit me.
Though not the 23 inches of yesteryear,
it’s the smallest circumference
south of my shoulders
and north of my thighs.

I still have a waist!

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