Austrian Thrill

More sheep

(Photo credit: Bods)

Day 105 prompt: Ultimate Thrill

Plush green mountainside
Speckled with yellow blooms
Here a sheep, there a sheep
Everywhere the sunshine

A bird’s song
A frog’s rhythm
A stream’s chatter
And a woman’s scream

She sits, knees up
Feet pressed into wooden planks
Leaning forward into the stick
Clutched between her legs

Hurtling forward and downward
She shrieks and laughs
Accelerating into the bends
And dips of the curvy channel

Red hair whipping behind her
She races toward the valley
A commotion of wheels
Grating on cement

At the bottom of the mountain
The course finishes long and flat
Before the half-pipe ends
So her vehicle slows and stops

Releasing white knuckles
From the center pole
She takes a deep breath
And heads for the chairlift

She must feel the thrill
Of speed and danger

Austrian summer toboggan run

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