Oh, Suction!

Plains Zebras (Equus quagga), more specificall...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 123 prompt: Stripes

Joan and Kenny have new faces.
Baby’s nose has fewer corners.
Exiting the prairie must have
inflated the redhead’s boobs,
And thin Nicole’s lips have
plumped and spread.
Is it weight gain?

Will she need lip-o-suction?

Certain celebrities steal away
for a few days of privacy
and return so altered
the public gapes
and gossips
over the change.

We need hype-o-suction.

Do our friends in the animal kingdom
also rebel against their aging forms?
Do walruses want tummy tucks?
Would porcupines get waxed?
Do naked mole rats dream
of augmentation for their
exposed parts?

Would a zebra pay for stripe-o-suction?

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