4 responses to “Small Fast Art

  1. I love this! Working with children for the majority of my life and teaching them and their parents and careproviders and other early educators the importance of art and music in a child’s world–your poem really spoke to me. I came to visit your blog after you visited mine and have wondered for two days now, how much I’ve missed this form of voyeurism. Lol. I am really excited to delve into your writing and get to know you more. You and I have many things in common. I want to thank you for bringing me here to remind me of that. I am following yours as well now!

    • I am positively giddy to have you here. Someday I will tell you how much I idolized you when we were younger. Okay, I just did. I have long been your admirer from a safe distance, and now I feel privileged to be reading your heart through your blog and Facebook posts. It’s good to be sisters!


  2. I stumbled on this today. I am certain I read it when it was originally posted. But by stumbling into it, I have given it a new attention, like seeing the grass at ground level. I like what this is.

    • Why thank you for returning to the work, dear sister. And thank you for bringing me back to it as well. Just today I was musing about revisiting the 366 poems of last year and mapping a plan for delivering them to more readers. Perhaps this will be a good place to begin …

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