Little Lady

Day 148 prompt: Itsy-Bitsy Teeny Weeny

1960's Tinkertoys

1960s Tinkertoys (Photo credit: Patrick Q)

She wore delicate cotton dresses
And played with tiny Tinkertoys
Then began reading short words
And locking her diary with a wee key

She moved into a narrow room on campus
Where she lived on limited sleep
Then accepted a dainty ring
And said I do in a petite gown

They bought a cramped bungalow
And raised a little family
Whose miniaturized faces
Stay on her heart in a slender locket

She preferred to help in modest ways
And worked for meager wages
Reaching goals with baby steps
And treasuring every small moment

Now alone in an undersized room
Her slight frame bends forward
As she strains to fit the dinky batteries
Into her minute hearing aid

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