Every Day Sights

In Memory Of...

In Memory Of… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 161 prompt: Every Day Sights

Before my eyes are even open
I feel my husband’s presence by the bed
He leans over to kiss me goodbye
Too bleary to see which starched shirt he’s chosen for work
I do see his hazel eyes through the round lenses of his glasses
And even as I doze again, I inhale his handsomeness
Freshly showered and cologned

Soon I coax my feet to touch the floor
And shuffle to the bathroom
My reflection blinks and blurs
‘Til I find that magic distance where I can see without glasses
As my eyes awaken, so do the rest of my senses
I need a shower

Clean and at the mirror again
I strain to see the scrawny child
Who used to play with farm cats and explore the creek
She is in there somewhere

But there isn’t time to find her now
I tug hard to button my jeans
While sorting a mental list of things to do at work
I yawn and stretch into the silence around me
Clipping pedometer to waistband
I wonder what mind games it will take today
To get my butt out of the desk chair
And my feet on the pavement

Sweeping make-up over freckles, age spots and wrinkles,
I hope it all blends into something reasonably youthful
Not convinced, I apply two coats of mascara
To lashes still long but not lush
And extra carefully fill my lips with subtle color
(otherwise they just blend into my cheeks and chin)

My eyes have seen enough of self today
There are so many other things to see
Starting now …

My firstborn
Cocooned in his comforter
Until I shake his shoulder
Jarring him from talky sleep
To hit the shower and do what teenagers do
As his eyes struggle to open
I strain to see my six-ounce baby
Through his giant feet and need for a shave
That little guy is in there somewhere

Young daughter
Who’s sweet, dainty face is just waking
Her arms reach to pull covers chin-ward
But her legs stretch and wiggle
Already eager to jump into the day
This still, quiet pose is not her authentic self

Middle child
Actually, only her form
Covered head to toe in SpongeBob fleece
Until I pull the blanket back
Revealing freckles, long lashes and delicate pink lips
This girl is not playing opossum
Blondie sleeps on
In spite of the waking taking place all around her

The sun is barely up
And already
I have seen
All I need to see
Anything else
Is extra

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