Don’t Bother

Love for Arts

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Day 167 prompt: Love 

don’t bother
with love

so many poets
     and songwriters
have already rhymed
     and opined
about how they found
     and lost
     and proclaimed
     and stifled
     and invested
     and wasted
loves eternal
     and momentary
     and delicious
     and destructive

so don’t bother
with love


your pen
can spill a story
so common
we will nod
     and laugh
     and feel
     and cry or
so uncommon
we will blink
     and gasp
     and gossip


don’t bother
with love

4 responses to “Don’t Bother

      • You’re very welcome, and I’m sure mobile poetry is a good idea, if this is the outcome, anyway. I was thinking of writing something quite similar myself, but now I’m very much affected by this poem, so I think I’ll put it on hold.

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