We Need a Hero

The League of Supermen (Part Seven)

The League of Supermen (Part Seven) (Photo credit: fengschwing)

Day 170 prompt: Hero

journalists can’t write
world leaders fight

athletes use enhancers
doctors can’t stop cancer

candidates incriminate
officers discriminate

CEOs misuse
men of cloth abuse

can’t we get a shining hero
in this world of rotten zeroes?

2 responses to “We Need a Hero

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. “Hero” was a tough prompt for me. I sat, blocked, for a long time. Then I pursued several approaches that went nowhere. Finally I realized I simply don’t have a hero. With so much scandal and disappointment in the headlines, it’s awfully hard to find the heroes.

      I asked my 14-year-old son today what the word conjures for him. “Super heroes,” he said. Of course.

      We’d love to find Batman and Wonder Woman in our midst, but instead we focus on corrupt leaders and disappointing celebrities. Surely the heroes are out there. But our expectations have been dashed so many times, we’re hoping for fantasy!

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