Fashion with Staying Power

Day 181 prompt: Fashion

Tight jeans

Tight jeans (Photo credit: onliska)

We ridiculed
Pajama Jeans
My family and I

Then for laughs
They bought me some
At Walgreen’s, on the sly

On Christmas day
They stopped to look
And hear what I would say

The pants slipped
From their package
And I gave a loud “NO WAY”

We had a laugh
And none believed
I’d ever wear those drawers

Clothes “as seen on TV”
Cannot compete with
Garments sold in stores

December 26th
Rolled round and I
Was feeling tired and chubby

The day’s events
Would be at home
So I could just dress grubby

Zipless and dark
I tugged the stretchy
Trousers to my waist

They snuggled to my hips
And hugged my butt
In soft embrace

This may have been
A joke, I thought
But I’ll no longer scoff

Pajama jeans
Are comfortable
Plus, I can’t get them off

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