MacGyver in My Kitchen

Day 199 prompt: Kitchen Utensils

I am in love...

(Photo credit: abbyladybug)

If mini MacGyver were trapped in my drawer
I wonder which items he’d choose to go for.

Would he make a lever from a ladle and tongs?
or fashion a drill from bent fork prongs?

Could he safely maneuver our full knife array—
butcher, serrated, carving, paring, filet?

What use might he find for a stainless steel grater …
or that zig-zaggy cutter for garnish-y ‘maters?

Would a spider and chan, adroitly rigged up,
come in handy perhaps with a measuring cup?

It seems like a garlic press might be of good use,
or a spinning egg beater might help him break loose.

Whether whisk, spoon or spatula help him get free
I hope he will leave it all tidy for me.

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