Ten and Ten

Day 217 prompt: Ten

baby toes

baby toes (Photo credit: PhylB)

head longs
to fall backward
neck so tired
from hours of strain
but searching eyes
pull heavy skull
to scan
for proof
that all is well

tiny red body
rises up
beyond knees
posterior view
of fuzzy head
and flailing limbs
joined to a heaving ham
held fast
by doctor’s strong hands

no proof of gender
but crinkly hands
and triangle feet

all else blurs
as I focus
on my newborn’s
smallest aspects
and count


and ten again

happy and exhausted
neck relaxes
head into pillow
as eyes release
streams of thankful tears

2 responses to “Ten and Ten

  1. Beautiful. The almost detached language (or detached observer) fits the surreal dimension of labor and delivery. But even then, we still focus on the well-being of our new baby!

    • Jennifer, thank you so much. It is fascinating to experience the words through the reader’s lens. Even more fascinating that our interpretations match so beautifully!

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