What is That?

cat tattoo

(Photo credit: Deanna Wardin @ Tattoo Boogaloo)

Day 241 prompt: What is That

What is that …
On the wrestling mat?

That’s my friend pat.

No, not just Pat …
What’s on his lat?

Oh, that’s his tat.

Yeah, I see the tat.
But why a fruit bat?

That’s not a bat!

What I’m looking at
Sure seems like that.

Dude, that’s a cat!

Come on. It’s too flat!
Must be a dead cat.

Nah, it’s a sleeping cat.

Pat should have gone scat
Before inking that tat.

Hmmm. Maybe it’s a rat.

Well, it’s too bad a hat
Won’t cover all that.

Yeah, I see where you’re at.

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