laundry basket

(Photo credit: Joelk75)

Day 248 prompt: Matched Pair

Full day’s laundry washed and dried
Ready to fold in a basket beside
The couch
Where I watch
The news

Washcloths and towels come first
I fold them in one fast burst
Matching corners
Doesn’t matter
Whose is whose

Shorts and pants are next in line
Fold in half with seams aligned
For drawers
Or hangers
You choose

Shirts are more complex
Regardless of wearer’s sex
Bend and tuck sleeves
Or wad them
All askew

At last, a tangle of stockings
Lying there mismatched and mocking
Because they’re
In threes
Not twos

2 responses to “Folding

    • Thanks, Noah. I write my daily poems from a list of random prompts. When “matched pair” came up yesterday, I laughed at the immediate image of all the matchless socks I’m collecting on top of the dryer. If we can laugh about it, we can wax poetic about it as well, right?!

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