Join Me for 99 Days of Practice in 2013

just99daysWould you like to change a habit, start a hobby, or build a discipline?

I’m gearing up for a new challenge in 2013, and I invite you to take part.

Starting January 1, please join me in a 99-day commitment to doing something creative or healthy or adventurous or … whatever you choose! What you do is entirely up to you. I’ll set up a blog where we can encourage each other and discuss what and how we do. (As soon as the blog is available, I’ll post a link on this site.)

My inspiration for this project—and my confidence that it will be worthwhile for you—comes from two experiences:

  • In November 2011, I participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and discovered that by showing up at the keyboard every day, I could write more than 50,000 words of memoir in one month.
  • Throughout 2012, I have been writing a poem a day. Though I have never considered myself a poet, I discovered that I can, in fact, write poetry. Not every poem is a masterpiece (by a long shot); but I’m very pleased with some of them and proud to say that I have not missed a single day of writing this year. That feels so good!

This 99-day journey is not just for writers. My objective is to engage many people pursuing many different habits, like these:

daily discipline word cloud

What would you like to try for 99 days straight?

While you pursue your own goal, you’ll be helping me achieve a few of mine:

  • Introduce my friends, family, and strangers to the challenge and satisfaction of adopting a daily discipline.
  • Continue developing my own creativity in a new way, surrounded by a network of people all stretching for a similar goal.
  • Write a book about this experience. Through the blog and individual contact with anyone who’s willing, I want to learn how daily practice works for each of us. What do we learn? When do we struggle? How do we make time? What sacrifices, if any, do we make? Do we last the full 99 days, or do we bail? Why? Can a 99-day experiment turn into a lifetime pursuit?

Are you in? Let me know in the comments, including what you might undertake as your 99-day habit.

10 responses to “Join Me for 99 Days of Practice in 2013

  1. You go, girl! Congratulations on your poetry and writing accomplishments! Inspired by the book, “One Thousand Gifts,” I’m closing in on 365 days of collecting (via journal) the gifts God has given me each day in 2012. I set my goal as 1000 gifts by year’s end and that’s right where I’ll be. (I’d be happy to talk to you about the experience.) Your project is worthy, your book idea is grand and I wish you all the best! I’ll noodle how I might be able to join you on this next leg of the journey too…hmmmm….

  2. I would like to partcipate! What a great idea. I am going to “go vegan” for 99 days. Count me in!

  3. Beth I love this idea. I know I need to pursue and start my photography business, but I have some other ideas as well. I need to work on it daily to get it going and rolling so this is a great challenge for me.

    • Janet! So great to hear from you (and I got your other messages as well … will get in touch this week). Please do join me for “just 99 days.” I believe you will be amazed by what you can accomplish. Recruit some friends, too. Having people along for the journey makes it that much easier to hang in for the duration.

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