Reluctant Lullaby


(Photo credit: anjakb)

Day 362 prompt: Sunshine

Two busy little girls
all kissed and tucked in.
Their mommy is ready
to sit once again.

Just as Mom sinks
to her bed with a sprawl,
she hears a request
from the room down the hall.

“Mama,” calls the child.
“When will you sing?”
Mama’s sigh is heavy.
She thought she’d done everything.

“If only they’d sing
to themselves,” Mama thinks.
“Hauling myself out
of bed really stinks.”

How can a song
feel like such a big chore?
And yet Mama shuffles
herself to their door.

They see she is tired.
But what they hear is divine,
as Mama reminds them,
“You are my sunshine …”

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