The Children

Executive Board

Executive Board (Photo credit: Nestlé)

would dare
interrupt the CEO
whose door is closed
whose head bends toward the desk
whose gaze holds fast to a glowing screen
whose pen scratches hastily on the narrow-ruled page
whose decisions affect thousands of workers and performance of stock

3 responses to “The Children

    • Thanks for the comment. At first, I set out to write about my own day, which was fraught with interruptions. I was feeling sorry for myself. I actually planned to write a second stanza that somehow expressed what “could be” if I just had the mental space. But as the whiny words hit the page, I began to see the selfishness. So I stopped the poem after one stanza and moved on. When your comment came in, my gut reaction was “ouch, she’s right.” The last thing I want to be is cold and curt … so today I’ll make sure this is not autobiographical!

      • sorry to comment with a punch, but it was meant as a compliment. you perfectly captured the essence of a working mother/father who can sometimes get too caught up in work. fear not, i am sure you are far too emotionally in-tune to veer to far off the road of loving motherhood. keep walking the line.

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