Make Something: Small & “On Hand”

Yesterday marked the end of National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), which means my 30-day poetry jag is over. That’s not to say I’m done writing poems; no way. But now that my short-term, daily poetry challenge is complete, I need a new game.

Today is also my birthday. What a great moment to start something new.

So, what next?

My daughters and I have been talking for awhile about 365: Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life, by Noah Scalin. Tonight we decided to follow Noah’s lead. We’ve each chosen a theme, and we’re going to work through a year of prompts to see what happens.

My theme is words. Hannah, age 10, chose cats (specifically, our cats: Frankie and Dash). Emma, age 8, chose to focus on the trendy mustache.

For Day 1, Noah suggests starting small. The challenge was to make something that fits in the palm of the hand, using materials in the immediate environment. The girls and I were out for dinner, so we used what we found on the table, in my purse, and on our persons. And with that, our one-year journey has begun!

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