Make Something: Pens

Making something with pens is easy for a writer. But today I felt more like playing than writing. Plus, I have a brand new package of fine-tip Sharpies. What better reason to doodle?

The fruits of the spirit have been dancing in my head. I’m planning to involve my spouse and kids in an art project focusing on the fruits of the spirit (Galations 5:22-23) to create a fabric wall hanging for our recently renovated family room. We’re a family of eight, and there are nine fruits. My vision is for each of us to take one word and design that element on a piece of fabric. We’ll send our pieces to my sister Norma, who will design the ninth fruit and assemble the individual elements into a cohesive work. She’s a gifted textile artist, so I know the finished product will be spectacular.

I suspect the nine contributions will be wildly different. I hope so. Certainly more varied than what I achieved while doodling with pens today. My hand is evident in all nine words. I look forward to the surprises that will appear when so many more hands contribute …


P.S. There is nothing like a new package of Sharpies. Nothing.

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