Make Something: Haiku

I shrieked with delight when I turned to today’s prompt in 365: A Daily Creativity Journal. Write a haiku! That’s in my word-ly, poetic comfort zone. (Plus bonus points for illustration.)

During yesterday’s shopping binge at the art supply store, I treated myself to three books, a great sketch pad, and a set of Micron pens. The books are all about Zentangle, an art form with simple steps to draw lines and patterns that create fascinating illustrations. What’s more, the technique emphasizes relaxation. Working with pattern, we can find quiet focus—like meditation.

Sign me up!

So today, in the midst of a full agenda of sports events, laundry, and family time, I studied my new books. Though I’m nervous to put permanent ink to paper, I’m eager to begin practicing this style of illustration.

My kids are enrolled in various activities to stimulate and occupy them this summer. This will be my summer art course: I’m going to learn Zentangle. Tonight, I begin.

zentangle intrigues
lines, patterns, meditation
like praying with ink


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