Make Something: Learned from Another

Learn something new.

Today’s prompt suggested I ask a friend to help me do something using a technique or skill they’re good at.

At dinner, I asked everyone at the table what they could teach me. Many “stupid human tricks” surfaced as options. Our nanny can touch her tongue to her elbow. No joke. My husband knows how to use many power tools. One daughter says she can fly. Another can do freakish things with her toes. My teenage son seemed to want no part of it. Go figure.

Recently my little girls learned to make rhythm with cups (like this). That interests me, and I’ve never tried it before. I’m a vocalist, and long ago I played the clarinet. I even taught beginning drummers one summer in high school. But I have never really been a percussionist. Not that I’m rhythmically challenged … just not super coordinated.

Hannah and Emma gave me a five-minute lesson; I practiced a few minutes more; then I headed to Jim’s woodworking shop for the video shoot. Here’s what I learned …

Please note: I did not attempt to sing and play the cup. That is certainly a 400-level skill, and I am only auditing this course.

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