Make Something: A Lot

Quantity over quality: work with a lot of something.

So came today’s instruction from Noah Scalin’s book on making something every day and changing your life. (Have I mentioned that subtitle before? Think of the audacity … to publish a book that promises a changed life, right on the cover. This guy is my hero.)

I have a lot of a lot of things, so the first step in this assignment was decision making.

Today was a tough and emotional day. Many highs and lows. So, right off the bat, I had a lot of was restless energy. Not the kind that makes you want to move around and get things done, but the kind that makes you exhausted and incapable of intelligent thought. Are you familiar?

Trying to channel that energy, I took mental inventory of what else I have in abundance, that might be good for making something. Several things came to mind, but the top candidates were beads and books. (Believe me, if I had discovered a lot of chocolate in my cupboard, I would have made a stomachache. And if I had a lot of wine … Well, I probably have enough on hand to make a decent hangover. But I do need to function tomorrow.)

So I poured a little wine and gathered a lot of beads and made a handful of bookmarks to save my place in the way-too-many books I’m reading all at once.

It was therapeutic, mindless, and relaxing. And now I’d like to read awhile.

Perhaps with a few more sips of wine.


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