Make Something: Upside Down

Have you ever tried to write upside down?

My eight- and ten-year-old daughters assured me they have done this. A lot. They are upside-down-writing veterans.

How I have never attempted this? (Or how do I not remember doing so?)

So tonight I did it. A sheet of ruled notebook paper and a sharp, number-two pencil. Just like in grade school. Except I turned the page upside down.


I’m surprised how tidy my upside down cursive writing looks. No doubt because I slowed my pace dramatically, thinking carefully not just about my words, but about each letter, each stem, each curve.

After a few minutes of intense focus on the pencilled letters above, I somehow expected these typed letters of my blog post to be upside down as well. The mind is an incredible thing. We put it through all kinds of shifts and adjustments throughout the day. If we keep it sharp and practiced, I suppose it has a better chance of twisting and turning along with us.

Try this sometime!

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