Make Something: Bathroom

Noah Scalin sent me to the bathroom today. This day’s make something prompt suggested using only things found around the bathroom, with “extra credit” for doing the creation in the bathroom itself.

I spent today writing, worshipping, photographing a ballgame, and discussing creative projects and goals. By the time I got to this bathroom initiative, I was pretty spent.

But I parked our two scales on the floor as a canvas. (My husband and I both brought scales to this marriage, and neither of us is keen to give in to the other’s number, so we remain a two-scale family.) Then I shopped our cupboards for containers to spell a short abbreviation …


And now I’m headed for an easy chair, with a glass of wine and no agenda. I may put on a few lbs, just sitting around like that. But that will give those scales something to do tomorrow.

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