Make Something: Shoes

For Day 72 in his book of “make something” ideas, Noah Scalin offers two options. I scoffed at the first and took the second.

Option 1: Use all the shoes in my household to make something.

I have friends who have far greater shoe collections than I do. (You know who you are: Sandra, Pam, Karen …) But even I have a sizable inventory of footwear. Add to that the many shoes my husband has heaped in the corner of the closet, the bin-ful in my daughters’ room, the various pairs scattered around my son’s room, the off-season collection of outdoor boots and sports shoes in the entry closet, and the many shoes, boots, and flip flops stuffed into cubbies and scattered about our foyer …

No way was I spending my Thursday evening rounding up shoes for “fun.”

Option 2: Work with just one pair of shoes that otherwise might have been bound for a thrift shop.

I asked the girls if they had any outgrown shoes I could play with. With the utmost respect for any creative process—particularly one involving Sharpies—my daughter Emma handed over her Pink Cowboy Boots.

Oh yes I did just turn those shoes into a proper noun.

Emma wore these a year longer than she should have. Maybe two. I’m sure her toes were squished tight into those triangular toe boxes. But they’re Pink Cowboy Boots. Hello?!

Now they’re littered with cliches and idioms about shoes, feet, heels, and toes. And the stitching is accented with hot pink ink. These Pink Cowboy Boots may not fit any more, but I think we’ll keep them around anyway. Just for fun.


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