Make Something: Orange

Work only with orange materials today. Try working on an orange surface for a real challenge.

I enlisted my eight-year-old daughter’s help for this Friday evening creation. We hunted the house for orange things that we could assemble into a silly something. The hunt was fast, given that orange is one of my favorite colors. My office walls are painted bright orange, and my closet is full of orange clothing and accessories. So we made Ms. Orange.

We’re calling this work …

Well, orange you pretty?!


What I love about crafting with Emma is the speed at which an idea takes shape in her mind. From start to finish, we assembled Ms. Orange in about 12 minutes. That included tracking down supplies, cutting a construction paper head, and weaving loops of wacky yarn into her scalp. Now, as I post our work, Emma is upstairs scooping herself some ice cream. That little artist is already onto her next great thing.

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