Make Something: Backward

Today’s make something prompt made me scratch my head.

“What does he even mean?” I wondered. The instructions were to work backward, looking only in a mirror at the work … which means the work has to be behind you.

After some thinking, I realized I needed two mirrors: one to look into, and the other to serve as my canvas. I could have used an actual canvas, or a board, or a sheet, I suppose. But I liked the idea of working on a reflection in a reflection. So here’s how I set up:


Focusing on the mirror in front of me, and feeling for the mirror behind me, I used a dry-erase marker to draw and write over and behind my head. It took a few tries. Forming letters was actually easier than shapes. But the greatest challenge of all was not mine; it was my husband’s. I asked Jim to take a picture of the final work. Even though he’s an accomplished photographer, getting a decent shot took a few tries. But he prevailed.


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