Make Something: Insects

Make something inspired by the world of insects.

Fly Just yesterday I noticed that I have barely seen a bug or spider since we arrived here. I’m vacationing in the Columbia River Gorge. Despite all our outdoor adventures, as far as wildlife goes, I’ve seen just a handful of birds. That’s it. Not even a squirrel or stray cat. I went zip lining in the forest and saw not one bug.

This afternoon, after a lovely massage, I joined my husband at the lodge’s outdoor jacuzzi, then prepared to soak up the sun on a lounge chair.

But they joined us.


Those giant black ones with too much iridescence on their backs. The ones that smart without even biting, just landing on flesh. The ones that come back, no matter how hard you swat. The ones that can ruin a perfectly lovely afternoon on the patio, just by showing up.

In their “honor,” I made this haiku:

silent ’til wings zap
pane betraying your station
I will swat to kill

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