Make Something: Napkin

Today’s make something task was to create with the napkin I used at a meal … with extra credit for leaving it behind for someone else to discover.

Thanks to my husband’s heavy business travel schedule, we cashed in upgrades and flew first class on our return trip today. So as everyone filed into the plane, I sat sipping ice water and staring at my napkin canvas. I’d already noodled on a couple ideas for haiku while basking in spectacular scenery on the drive to Portland’s airport. So the words came easily, and the doodle was fast.

Just as the flight attendant announced time to turn off all electronic devices, I snapped this picture.


Then I laid the napkin on Jim’s lap, for him to discover. Maybe he’ll tuck it into a book or drawer, to discover again and again—a memento of a beautiful week that inspired new dreams for our future life together.

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