Make Something: Paint Swatch Samples

Make something took me to the hardware store today, to snag a few paint swatch samples so I could make something new. Short on time, I needed a rapid project. Bookmarks!

My theme for this year of making things is “words,” and I love the names paint companies assign to their colors (they’re not quite as good as nail polish colors, but entertaining nonetheless). Among the best today: eccentric lime, orange juice, sharp cheddar, iguana green, tequila lime, citrus blush.

I wanted to highlight these words. So after stamping on one paint chip, I cut a sliver of a contrasting one, isolating the color names. I punched a hole in the narrow and full-width strips, then joined them with ribbons. (Emma helped with this part. We probably worked too quickly, because the still-tacky ink rubbed off on our fingers and smudged the work and ribbons some. Ah well.)

I like the way the added layer swings free … so if I find a passage I love, I can mark that page and keep reading, with yet another strip left to hold my place before I doze off.


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