Make Something: Homonyms

A story told in homonyms.

How many homonyms do you count?

“I’ll write a holy hymn of praise,” says Wayne,
“of Him and how our lives were won.
A piece that rings so right and awe-ful
that it frees the very soul.”

He prays and chants.
He stops to pour some wine.

But nothing songful comes.

“Brain freeze,” he sighs.
“These days are truly awful.”

He wrings his coarse hands
and wholly in a daze
he wanders up the aisle.

Standing at the altar,
feeling small in size,
a sum of something less than zero
poor Wayne begins to whine:

“Great muse, don’t wane!
Just one sole chance,
that’s all I ask.”

A voice comes back:
“Alter your plan.
Vary your course.
You can write another day.”


  1. I’ll/aisle
  2. write/right
  3. holy/wholly
  4. hymn/Him
  5. praise/prays
  6. soul/sole
  7. Wayne/wane
  8. won/one
  9. rings/wrings
  10. coarse/course
  11. awe-ful/awful
  12. frees/freeze
  13. sighs/size
  14. very/vary
  15. soul/sole
  16. chants/chance
  17. pour/poor
  18. some/sum
  19. wine/whine
  20. altar/alter
  21. sighs/size
  22. days/daze
  23. altar/alter

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