Make Something: Kit

Today’s instruction: “Make a kit for an activity that normally wouldn’t need one.”

I’m calling this kit “Moment for Mama.”


You wouldn’t think a mere moment would require supplies. But even as my kids get older (the youngest is almost nine), I’m finding that peace of any duration requires a certain amount of orchestration.

A few well-placed provisions can be quite useful when the need and opportunity for solitude do present themselves:

  • Keep candles everywhere.
  • Stash a lighter at the back of the silverware drawer.
  • Always have wine and chocolate on hand.
  • Take time to create playlists suitable for various moods (frustration, thankfulness, exhaustion, defeat …).
  • Stow a good book in a quiet place.
  • Admit that there is only one quiet place. And if that’s where this kit needs to live, so be it.

Can you envision a time and place when someone might be able to use the “Moment for Mama” kit?

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