Make Something: Miniature

It’s 10:30 pm, and I am just now getting to today’s make something challenge. The order is to miniaturize something that would normally be much bigger.

My concept was to make the Oxford English Dictionary appear so tiny it would fit in the palm of my hand. I envision a massive, antique volume resting in someone’s outstretched palm. If I had the images and photo manipulation skills to make that happen, the result might help express how technology has made language learning more accessible, or how important it is for writers to master vocabulary.

Alas, time is short—and so are my image options and photo editing skills. So here’s the less-than-spectacular result.


Even in this lackluster image, I do find message. The handheld stack of books reminds me of the power of apps like Audible and Kindle. My portable electronic devices function like a portable library, where I can seek, find, and devour works of fiction and non-fiction. In the past week, I’ve laughed along with David Sedaris and read business wisdom from an executive I admire. And just this afternoon I spent 90 commuting minutes listening to I Am Malala.

My time my be limited, but my interest is not. I’m glad technology makes these works easy to carry.

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