Make Something: New Seem Old

Today’s creative challenge is to make something new seem old. So I made a little quiz. Can you match the texting abbreviations in the first column to my invented Shakespearean interpretations to the right?


And now in plain type, in case you can’t make out the script in the image …

  1. LOL
  2. IDK
  3. ROTFL
  4. HMU
  5. JK
  6. GTG
  7. FML
  8. TTYL
  9. NVM
  10. NP
  1. If thou be enticed by mine own stimulus, prithee: returnest correspondence.
  2. Tend not to these matters, I beggest thee.
  3. Fie! ‘Tis no hardship whatsoever to my breath and being.
  4. Oh, existence! Thou art worthy of fornication!
  5. Uncertainty doth cloud my intellect.
  6. With considerable amusement, my body doth tumble and pitch on the parlor tapestry.
  7. My chortles doth echo ‘round the chamber.
  8. I merely jest.
  9. Alas, the moment approacheth, and I must away forthwith.
  10. Thou shalt bide in anticipation ‘til once again reveling in my pronouncements.

I’ll share the answers in the comments … tomorrow. No cheating.

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