Make Something: Paper Mosaic

makesomething-paper-mosaicTechnology challenged me today. I battled to access email, to connect to the internet, and even to play a silly iPad game. Somewhere in the midst of these frustrations, I picked up Noah Scalin’s 365: Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life, praying that today’s creative prompt would have no relationship to cyber-anything.

Praise be! Today’s suggestion was to create a mosaic from bits of paper. That prompt gave me a goal: just persevere through the day’s work and technology struggles … then I could play with paper and scissors and glue.

I made it. Around 8:45 pm, having finally met the day’s commitments, I practically ran to our magazine stash and selected a few issues where I found wide stretches of color.

How gratifying to rip those pages from their bindings!

How exciting to lower them into the paper shredder, watching ribbons of color drop below.

How meditative to trim those strips into right-sized bits.

How absorbing to position those fragments into broad letters washed with Elmer’s glue.

How lovely to do it all accompanied by soothing sips of Petite Sirah and the captivating story of Malala on Audible.

When I boot the devices again tomorrow, I’ll hold my breath and pray for peace and connectivity. If that fails, I’ll gaze at my “words” mosaic and reach for the art supplies.



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