Make Something: Hide & Seek

We were snowed in today. I’m not sure why the universe delivered a foot of snow while we’re already on holiday break. The kids and I are all off until Monday … so we didn’t need the snow day.

No matter. We used the time productively, and even had some fun. I played task master to guide all three of my offspring through a massive bedroom reorganization and purge of papers, toys, and God-knows-what-they-store-in-every-nook-and-cranny. They earned periodic breaks, and we managed a few good meals and snacks and even had some friends over to play in the midst of it all. But by golly, we made huge progress today.

After dinner, I realized I needed to muster a bit more energy for two things: (1) I had asked everyone to reserve this evening for family game night (which I’ve been craving throughout the holiday season), and (2) I still needed to meet today’s make something commitment.

So before we settled in for an hour of Taboo, I orchestrated a simple scavenger hunt for the girls. The clues took them all over the house and even into the frigid garage. At the end, they found a limerick in the refrigerator. I penned this poem on a three-by-five card this evening, after all the dishes were cleared and the leftovers stored away, while standing at the kitchen counter and sipping wine. It’s cute, but not spectacular.

When my daughters discovered the poem in the refrigerator door, I think they were, well, underwhelmed. So I hugged them and let them choose dessert. That seemed to do the trick.


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