Make Something: Popcorn

At the end of a full Saturday of getting things done, today’s make something assignment barely made the agenda.

Believe me: I made many things today. My bed. A menu plan for the next few days. A two-hour grocery shopping run (with two little girls … thus the lengthy trip). Plans for the coming season of kids’ extracurricular activities. Lunch for a few. Dinner for eight. Time for a family game of Balderdash.

Finally, shortly before 10:00 pm, I made a big bowl of popcorn—as recommended by today’s make something prompt. To bring in my theme of “words,” I played with a few popped kernels, spelling the most obvious word on our dining room table.

The artistry may be lackluster. But the stuff smells amazing, and a houseful of us are munching on popcorn this very minute. So I’m calling this one a success.


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