Make Something: Transportation

I had trouble with transportation today.

Needing extra seating for extra kids after extracurriculars, I left the Mini in the garage and took my husband’s big truck to a sports event this evening. I’m short, and the truck is large, and I am less than confident about driving it—because I struggle to see the ground.

Pulling into a parking lot mounded and surrounded by heaps of ice and snow, I did not see a stone “thing” alongside the entrance. I grazed it. Okay, maybe more than grazed. I scraped the passenger side along that stone “thing.” Big time.

No one was hurt, and the vehicle still functions just fine. But the truck will need repairs. I was embarrassed and disappointed and downright sorry.

Then I came home to today’s make something prompt:

Create something that can transport you across a room.

Oh for Pete’s sake. I did not have much patience for this.

So I plopped Barbie into a doll-sized Mini (the sort of car I figure I can drive without incident), slapped a photo of my face on to her little plastic head, and pulled the whole shebang across the room.


I tried to record the journey, but the results were underwhelming. The cats did enjoy the experiment, batting at the car and chewing on Barbie’s arm. And I had to laugh at myself. So I guess it was time well spent.

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