Make Something: Back to the Future

For today, Noah Scalin suggested that I “make something that seems like it has come back from the future.”

My daughter made this easy.

Mixed in with the usual agenda of kids’  athletic, musical, and religious activities, this evening featured a big school project. Preparing for the Great Egypt Exposition this Friday, my fifth-grade daughter has big plans. Not only has she written a paper and prepared a large display board, she wanted to make a batch of unleavened bread. Why not, right?

Hannah took charge, and I took pictures.

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While she worked to mix, knead, roll, bake, and season the bread, we talked about her future plans—not just for the rest of the school week, but for life.

My daughter plans to be a chef.

As I watched her bake unleavened bread, here and now, I couldn’t help but flash forward.

Someday I’ll make a reservation to dine in Hannah’s restaurant. I’ll take friends with me, of course. When the menu comes, I’ll wonder at the creativity of it all. As her food meets my tastebuds, I’ll delight in the flavors. And when my beautiful daughter emerges from the bustling kitchen, dressed in her white chef’s coat, to greet me and my friends table side, I’ll radiate pride and joy. So will she. After she answers a few questions from my dinner party, she’ll thank us for coming and tell us to enjoy the rest of the meal.

And before she returns to the kitchen, Hannah will catch my eye, smile broadly, and give me the sign we’ve always used to show satisfaction in a job well done: thumbs up.

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