Make Something: Location

Today I spun a globe and selected a random location with my finger …


… landing in India, on Kolkata, West Bengal. From there, my mission was to research and make something based on this place.

Naturally, when I entered this location in an internet search, the top link took me to Wikipedia. I know, I know. But this isn’t for a grade. So I went there. And look what I learned:

Kolkata is known for its literary, artistic, and revolutionary heritage; as the former capital of India, it was the birthplace of modern Indian literary and artistic thought. Kolkata has been called the “City of Furious, Creative Energy” as well as the “cultural [or literary] capital of India.”

How fitting, to land on the City of Furious, Creative Energy. In this context, I interpret “furious” to mean fast, intense, active, powerful. Yes!

Of course not all creative energy is furious—nor should it be. But there is room for some furiousness in my writing work.

Sometimes a story simply must be written, and there is no time to muse quietly or ponder thoughtfully. If I’m paying attention, a sense of urgency takes over. My pen moves feverishly across the page, or my hands pound the keyboard. The race is on to capture a torrent of words that gush from the I-don’t-know-where-this-came-from-but-thank-God-it’s-flowing tap that has sprung open in my brain. Or heart. Or soul.

I love this phrase so much, I decided today’s creation should be a tangible reminder to travel, now and then, to that City of Furious, Creative Energy. And so, the city seal:


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