Make Something: Inside Out

“Make something that looks like it has been turned inside out.” (Or “outside in,” as my son always said when he was little.)

I’ve been wanting to play with markers, so today I seized the opportunity. I decided to illustrate “inside out” using the words themselves.


The result is not quite as smashing as it looked in my mind’s eye. Maybe I went too far by sketching the letters not just inside out, but backward. Maybe the effect would have been more obvious with lowercase letters. Maybe that serif on the N is a little too curvy, the word OUT is too big, and the S is a bit misshapen.

Oh well. The process was challenging and fun. I got to stretch my mind, thinking how to draw those letters going the wrong way. I got to sit still and focused, while fully relaxed.

And I got to play with my Sharpies.

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