Make Something: Anagram

“Create an anagram of your name and illustrate it in some way.”

An anagram is a rearrangement of letters to spell something new. One of my favorites is “the eyes,” which rearranges to “they see.”

The Internet Anagram Server makes it easy to create an anagram from virtually any word or phrase.


When I entered my name as “Beth Nyland,” I didn’t get much back. The best of the few options was “Blent Handy.” Certain we could do better, I tried “Bethany Nyland.” Quite a few more results came back, and two struck me as funny:

  • “The Badly Nanny” would make a great title for a children’s book, and maybe even a series.
  • “Halted by Nanny” brought to mind several hilarious cartoon images of children whose capers are squelched by a stern babysitter.

But the best imagery surfaced when I entered “Bethany Grace.” Here are a just a few:

Beg the Canary
Grey Beach Ant
The Bra Agency
Hey Agent Crab
Bare Achy Gent
They Grab Acne
Achy Green Bat
Teach Be Angry
Gay Beet Ranch

So many great options for illustration. But I chose to play with this one …

Cartage by Hen


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